Katie ToksoyMikhailo Babiak, Horn

Born and raised: Toronto, Ontario

National Youth Orchestra of Canada
National Orchestral Institute and Festival
Bational Academy Orchestra
Banff Centre for the Arts
B. Mus. Royal Conservatory of Music
M.Mus. Perf. Northwestern University, Evanston Illinois

Performed with:
Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Louisianan Philharmonic, Hamilton Philharmonin Orchestra, Civic Orchestra of Chicago, and Les Violons du Roy.

Favourite Prime Minister: John Diefenbaker

The newest member of TBQ, Mikhailo Babiak is currently a fellow of the Rebanks Family Fellowship and International Residency at the Glenn Gould School of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. Previosu teachers include: Gail Williams, Jon Boen, Neil Deland, Chris Gongos, and Gabe Radford. In the summer of 2014 he traveled to Japan as a part of the Pacific Music Festival, performing and studying with members of the Berlin, Munich, and Vienna Philharmonic orchestras.

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