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Revecy Cover

The Trillium Brass Quintet:

Revecy (November 2003)

Our debut cd showcases works from a diverse selection of composers such as LeJeune, Debussy, Lassus, Mozart, Brahms, Palestrina, Bach, Scheidt and Dvorak. Many pieces are welcome new additions to the brass quintet repertoire, thanks to the custom transcriptions enthusiastically churned out in-house by quintet members Shawn Spicer, Scott Good and Scott Harrison.

Seasons of the Spirit

The Pax Christi Chorale with The Trillium Brass Quintet:

Seasons of the Spirit (December 2003)

A collaboration of choir, organ and brass, featuring extraordinary music from significant dates throughout the liturgical year.

His Wondrous Love Cover

The Hosanna Choir with The Trillium Brass Quintet:

His Wondrous Love (May 2009)

TBQ joins John Vanderlaan, Joyce Postmus, Carolyn Zeyl, Peter Hamstra, and Herman den Hollander, for a double CD of hymns and choral music.

Xmas with TBQ

The Trillium Brass Quintet:

Christmas with The Trillium Brass Quintet (November 2012)

Christmas With The Trillium Brass features the best of our incredible library of Christmas and seasonal music - Joy to the World, Jingle Bells, music of Tchaikovsky, Peter Warlock and Arcangelo Corelli in thrilling and colourful new brass transcriptions, and a five-part Christmas jazz suite - Regifted Fruitcakes - where you can enjoy a solo from each quintet member over five of our favourite Christmas popular tunes!

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