School Shows

TBQ has connected with hundreds of young audiences in the GTA and beyond, with upbeat shows that educate and inspire. In-school performances and workshops give students the chance to experience firsthand the energetic and powerful sound of brass music.

Through listening and even participating in many different styles of performance with top-notch professionals, a memorable school experience is created. The talent of each player is showcased as well as the capabilities of the group as a whole. By keeping musical selections short and explanations to the point, students remain engaged and the imagination is sparked. Students are encouraged through dialogue and musical examples, to listen critically and make their own observations about contrasting styles and elements of music and the individual instruments of the brass family.

Our primary goal is to help students feel that this music is within their reach as listeners, and perhaps someday as performers! All the members of TBQ began playing their instrument through their local school band program, therefore we encourage students to participate in their school musical activities. It gives us a great deal of pleasure to hear that we've inspired students to begin to explore music and reap its rewards.


"For those of us whose "performance" experience was only in secondary school orchestras decades ago, you brought some new experience to us: i.e., understanding that trumpets can alert and awaken but can also soothe and calm; trombones and french horns are not peripheral instruments fading into the background -- they are front and center and are sometimes THE music; and that big old tuba some of us never touched or even got near to can be so integral and delicate. The tones from them all were wonderful."

E. Clutton
(TBQ Audience Member)

Some commonly asked questions:

"How much does the tuba weigh?"

"How long have you been playing as a group?"

"How often do you practice together?"

and our all-time most frequently asked question:

"Why does the horn player keep her hand in the bell?"

Our school shows are booked through

Prologue to the Performing Arts

Please click on their logo, or contact TBQ to book a performance for your school.